By Arctic Bay

5 2 months ago


I will start this discussion by saying I am a big Canada goose fan and have acquired a large collection of jackets. I recently ran into the Arctic Bay Canada brand and decided to purchase their Toronto jacket as they are currently on sale for an excellent price and come with very good reviews. The sizing on their website is very helpful as it includes the actual dimensions of the jacket. On the other hand, CG has not figured this out. They’re sizing causes confusion as it’s all over the place and as a result, their customers are constantly wondering whether their jackets will fit. I am sure this is costing them a lot of money in returns alone. But I digress. I’ve discovered the quality of this jacket is comparable to the CG Chateau. The big coyote fur ruff is thick and comes with an internal wire for adjustment which the Château does not have. The interior liner is very soft and feels great against the body. The pockets in the two jackets are almost identical with the difference being that the Chateau has an internal and external zippered pocket at the chest. The zipper storm flap on the Toronto jacket is more rigid due to additional lines of stitching, but I’m not sure if this makes a difference in performance. The Toronto Jacket has a very soft beaver fur ruff at the neckline compared to fleece at the neckline of the Château. The Toronto jacket also has side zips to add to mobility which the Château does not. Both jackets have a heavy duty two way zipper. The Château is about a few inches longer. Arctic Bay offers the Montreal jacket which is about the same length as the Chateau. The Toronto jacket has the added feature of leather reinforcing at the sleeve ends, which, in my view, makes them more durable than the unprotected sleeve ends of the Chateau. My only complaint with the Toronto is the sleeve cuffs are made of heavy polyester, which I find somewhat itchy around the wrists. Aside from the wrist cuffs and minimal pockets, this jacket is awesome.