By Chester C.

5 9 months ago

Great jacket and amazing service to accommodate to my needs

I previously owned an Arctic Bay jacket many years ago and was very impressed with the quality. I then ordered a new jacket due to the holiday sales and was a little confused about the differences between my previous jacket and my new one. The Arctic Bay team (especially Daniel) was very helpful in explaining the new changes in their showroom, whether it be the lining colour changes, lining and fabric feel and also the differences in weight, as down jackets are trending towards the lighter side these days. I was able to compare these against other competitor jackets in their showroom and see how the latest products are trending towards. I could then see what they were going for and how the design decisions are actually in line, if not better than the competition. With my new Alaska jacket, the fur trim that I received wasn't as full compared to my previous jacket, but the Arctic Bay team was very accommodating in making sure that I had a better fur trim and also let me try out and other colours and sizes to get the jacket that I wanted. Overall, they were great to work with and went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with my order. Will definitely order more from Arctic Bay if I do decide on another jacket style in the future.