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By Laurence Maddison

5 4 days ago

Laurence from the UK.

I've now had two parkas from here and have been very impressed with both. Delivery worked out well on both occasions and the whole experience has been very positive. If you're in the UK you can also take advantage of the exchange rate. First up is the Alaska Parka. This has nice classic styling, a well designed hood and is very warm yet not too heavy. Only thing is, I wanted a parka that can match a Canada Goose Resolute for warmth but in a more stylish package, and although the Alaska is a very nice parka in itself it didn’t quite meet my requirements, for everyday use it's perfect but if you're wanting an extreme parka it's worth upgrading to the Antarctica, for and extra $200 it's a big step up in warmth. So I ordered the Antarctica Parka and have now given the Alaska to my 16 year old nephew, he desperately needed a winter coat after his brand new Canada Goose was stolen, he's really happy with his new parka and wishes he'd known about Arctic Bay sooner. The Antarctica has to be one of the nicest Parka's I've owned, the outer material is thick melton wool like you get on a pea coat giving it a unique look, it also has to be the heaviest parka I've come across, add to that the huge amount of down filling and you've got one of the warmest parkas around. As well as being significantly bigger, heavier and warmer than the Alaska and having the added benefit of the wool outer shell the Antarctica also has nicer details such as metal zips and at least in my case a better quality fur ruff. Initially, I wasn't that impressed with the fur ruff on either Parka I received, but after a good brush and blow dry they came up really well, particularly the one on the Antarctica which is now huge and puffy with good colours. The only thing on the Antarctica I would change is the hood, I would have preferred for it to be down filled rather than fur lined, not a big deal as it still works well and looks good whether up or down, I may look at having it modified in
By Aaron Hocker

5 10 days ago

Arctic Bay Alaska parka made in Canada and great service!

Thank you for the outstanding Alaska parka. I love the quality and feel of it. I am glad that I found a company that takes pride in their work😁. It was worth spending the extra money for quality, instead of depending on what I call “ccc” (cheap Chinese crap) products. Great service and fast shipping !
By Vivian Hoppe

5 21 days ago

Belleville Parka

Received my Belleville Parka today. The fit is perfect. I ordered one size larger, based on other reviews and the measurements I took. These coats are cut smaller in the shoulders than standard. The women's large has the same shoulder width as my medium parka in another brand. The coat is well made and very light weight. I was surprised at how small the box was. It's not cold enough to wear it yet (early November) but I don't doubt that it will be warm. My only less positive comment concerns the shipping and/or customer service. I immediately received the order confirmation but I didn't receive an email as soon as the coat was shipped. In fact, I received the coat a couple of hours before receiving the shipping confirmation. All told, it was 8 days from the date I ordered the coat which may be due to the time of year. Overall, I would totally recommend this coat!
By Pam Main

5 23 days ago

Arctic Bay great product made in Canada and great service!

Good day. I just wanted to check in to say I have received my exchange coat. I must say - I am very impressed with your process. It is amazing quality Belleville long coat! Looking forward to a nice cold winter and enjoying my Arctic Bay coat. Thanks again Pam Main
By rob

5 28 days ago

Wish it was colder outside so I could wear it now!

This level of quality is just not seen anywhere anymore. I highly recommend! Ordering and shipping all went flawlessly. Outstanding clothing and also customer service. I emailed a question and had a response in minutes from a real person! Thank you! Rob
By Kerry Hilts

5 a month ago

Antarctica Parka

Received my Antarctica Parka in Royal Blue last week. It looks amazing in wool. I cannot wait for it to get colder in Alberta - well at least to test the jacket. It fits true to size - not too tight or loose. The online order process was smooth, but could use a bit better follow-up once the transaction happens. All turned out to be good.
By Candice Gonsalves

5 a month ago

Charlotte parka.

I live in a very windy location in Nunavut and we have snow already, to give you some idea of our weather conditions. We do reach I think Arctic Bay Charlotte parka -is my best option! Thank you for your help in advance. Kind regards, ~Candice
By Michael Chan

5 a month ago

Stay warm,look cool!!!

We had a very pleasant experience purchasing my Arctic Bay Alaska coat so we went back today for my wife. We really did not know what winter coat to buy for city living ,but salesman, patiently give us more info and help to make great choice - Aurora coat. Thank you very much for great coat and special gift.
By Stephen Viner

5 2 months ago

Blown away!!!

I’m totally blown away by the quality, the fit, the unique usp’s in my winter coat. Thank you for your patience your customer service was excellent. I will definitely recommend you to friends in the UK and would buy again in the future without hesitation! Arctic-Bay you are truly the number 1 Canadian Winter coat manufacturer...
By Barbara

5 2 months ago

Really nice coats

Just received both a men's and a ladies coat ordered only a week or so ago. I am super impressed with them and how quickly they arrived. The fur is so much nicer than anything I have ever seen or felt from the other bigger Canadian coat company. Overall I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase and I hope they expand their options to include more clothing of this quality. The fabrics all feel nice and like they will last a long time but what impresses me more is the stitching. It is perfect! I haven't seen such accurate stitching in a long time. Thank you. Looking forward this staying warm and looking good this winter!