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By Linda Brewer

4 yesterday

Women's Mirabella Parka

I've had my Mirabella Parka for two and a half weeks now. It's a brief time to review, but I've worn it out walking in temperatures from -20 to 1 degree C . I have been warm wearing a flannel shirt and t-shirt underneath in colder temperatures and almost too warm went it went up to 1 degree. The slim cut is not too fitted to walk comfortably and the pockets are roomy. I like the leather trim which should keep wear down on pockets and cuffs. I bought this parka because my other down coats were cold in the sleeves. This is better but there is a hint of chill in the elbow area. A slightly roomier sleeve might allow for better for heat circulation. The hood is roomy. The adjustment on back is good but I would also like to have a draw string to tighten the hood front more when the fur is off. The fur looks nice but I found it made the hood hard to keep out of the way when driving. (The sleeve and hood quibbles are why I give it 4 instead of 5 stars) I would actually select a faux fur hood trim option if you offered one because I have animal allergies. I found your instructions to measure my other coats and compare to your actual garment measurements to be really useful in comparing the different parkas. I'm 5'5', 150 pounds and XL fits. Shipping took a bit longer than expected due to the pandemic. Overall I am very happy with my Mirabella Parka.
By Jeanette Kesselman

5 5 days ago

Women’s Aurora Parka

I just received my new black women’s Aurora Parka. It’s beautiful and very well made. I am 5 foot 3 inches and ordered a medium so I could wear this over layers. Fits perfectly. I just missed having this to wear during a recent long arctic polar vortex spell we experienced in the northern mid-west US states. Shipment came fast too. Great customer service as well. Thank you!
By Jenn White

1 12 days ago

Disappointed in Customer Service

I bought a Belleville coat after months of agonizing between it and a competitor. While I still have several months of winter (I live in a northern community), I have had significant zipper issues - where the zipper begins. When I contacted the company, I was sent a "Zipper Hack" video link and told that the zippers are top quality. When I expressed my disappointment, I was told that I had obviously overdressed and damaged the zipper - not once was it considered that the zipper may be faulty. Now, it is -30C here today, and I may not be able to zip my coat when I leave my office. Not at all acceptable, when I spent $1000 on a coat two months ago!
By DenisBasse

5 23 days ago

Arctic Bay Nunavut Extremely warm

Better than Canada Goose ! Considering the price + high quality, a great deal !

5 26 days ago


プレゼント用にCharlotte Parkaを購入しました。 日本国内で展開されていないレディース製品でしたので、サイズ選びが難しかったのですが、ダウン量の多い他社製ジャケットを着てもらいサイズ選定を行いました。 結果的に、170cmの普通体型にSサイズがぴったりでした。 着ている所を見ますと、165cm〜175cm程の身長でSサイズが良いかと思います。 そしてジャケット自身の防寒性ですが、公式で−45℃まで対応を謳っているだけありとても暖かいそうです。 防風性も高く、強い風が吹いても寒さを感じる事は無く、下から吹き込む様な環境下でもウエストのドローコードを絞る事で対応出来ていました。 −10℃を超える様な地域では無いのですが、東北あたりであれば間違いなくこれ一枚で十分です。 逆に、冬でも日中気温が氷点下にならない様な地域ではオーバースペックだと断言出来ますので、あまりお勧めできません。 またシルエットですが、ダウン量の多いジャケットにある様な着膨れ感は無く綺麗です。ウエストのドローコードを絞ればシルエットにメリハリが出て、更に良かったです。 最後になりますが、日本では流通量が少なく、モデルによっては販売していないので、巷に溢れているCanada GooseやWoolrichなどのブランドには手を出したく無い、でも良質のダウンが欲しいと言う方にはお勧めのブランドです。 ※海外から取り寄せる事になるので、慣れない人は心配かと思いますが、カスタマーサポートの対応は良いので安心です。もちろん英語必須ですが。 配送はロシア系?の運送サービスを利用しカナダ→ベルギー郵便経由で届きましたが、トラッキングコードもあり、状況確認も出来ました。 ちなみに発送から約2週間で届きました。
By Luc Kazimirski

5 a month ago

Nunavut Parka

Love my parka! Wonderful fit, materials and workmanship. Gives me pleasure every time I wear it. Clearly made by people with integrity who care about quality. 175 cm 75 kg- medium fits perfectly. Persnickety details I would change -could use a bit more down baffling in the arms at the elbow crease; the down has migrated a bit there. -hood a bit large and difficult to reduce the volume -a draw sting at the lower hem would be nice to pull in the bottom around your butt. Thank you Arctic Bay

5 a month ago

Arctic Bay great product! Warn and best quality Nunavut parka.

I am in the USA.I've just received my Nunavut parka and am delighted with it. Thank you Arctic Bay for making such a fine product in Canada. The only problem is that my husband and I have begun to quibble over who gets to wear it, and I fear it might cause a divorce. So ... I would need  to order another parka.Regards,LTG

5 a month ago


I ordered a Belleville long parka and I love it. So much so that I ordered a second Belleville parka in a different colour. The quality of these Arctic Bay parkas is outstanding. Warm, cozy and comfortable. Just great for my long dog walks when it's extremely cold outside. The Arctic Bay company is fabulous. The staff are very human, very attentive and helpful, and extremely patient.
By Katharine Kurio

5 a month ago

What a great Company

After looking for Canadian made down Parka’s, I found Arctic Bay. After careful review and comparison to other Canadian manufacturers, I decided to go ahead an order a size Medium Charlotte, in Purple. The coat arrived in 3 days which was a huge surprise. I loved the look of the coat immediately, but when I tried it on, I realized that a medium was too small. I called the 800 number and spoke with Daniel explaining that I wanted to return the coat, and exchange for the large size. It was no problem! Daniel explained the procedures to return the jacket - which I did the very next day. Two days later I called the 800 number again, and found that my return coat had been delivered to their site. That same day the company called me with the shipping tracking number and it was to arrive in 5 business days. Surprise it arrived in 3 days. I just tried the large size on and it is perfect and I love this coat. Now I just have to wait for it to get cold enough in Ontario to wear it!! Thanks Daniel, and the folks at Arctic Bay. A great Canadian Company.
By Ekaterina

5 a month ago

Arctic Bay Belleville Canada made down parka the best best best ....

Hello! The order # 1765 received, everything is fine!👍🏻Thank you very much! Special thanks for the hat as a Arctic Bay gift. I heartily congratulate you on Christmas and New Year!🎄💕I wish you success and continued prosperity in the New Year! Best parka +best service +quick shipping to Moscow. Sincerely, Ekaterina