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By Kris P

5 4 months ago

Alaska parka

Kris P. I have bought an Arctic Bay Labradore parka. Not a huge brand like Canada Goose , but way better in my opinion, very warm and top USA fabric and huge size fur,many small detailes., all this make my parka look great and unique .. I also like that I don’t look like every other guy on the street in Canada Goose. 3 days free shipping to USA,price cheaper compared Canada Goose.
By haloymes haloymes

5 4 months ago

Arctic Bay Montreal Parka

George Pini I live in the cold latitude and used to wear Canada Goose parkas. In essence, they performed their desired function and I considered them to be state-of-the-art in the jacket market. These views lasted until I decided to purchase Arctic Bay Montreal parka. Right away I noticed differences in down filling and distribution along the body of the jacket. Better, lighter, more modern materials are immediately noticeable once you put the jacket on. Concluding, I tend to think that Arctic Bay employs more modern technologies in their manufacturing process, which make Canada Goose feel more like a uniform rather than everyday wear jacket. I completely rethought my perspective on winter jackets and am switching to a great Canadian brand Arctic Bay.
By Peter H.

5 4 months ago

Peter H.

Arctic Bay Toronto parka my choice . Im very pleased with the craftsmanship,fur and materials on the jackets, it is superb. The quality is definitely superior to my Canada Goose Jacket and Nobis jacket. Fast shipping , great service .
By Cathy Fournier

5 4 months ago

Arctic Bay Charlotte Parka

I just received my beautiful purple Charlotte arctic pay parka! I had great customer service they delivered it - actually they delivered two coats so that I can try both fine to make sure that it fits properly. The coat is so warm and cosy and I highly recommend it! I think it’s a lot more more and cosier than Canada goose.
By Peg Keffer

4 5 months ago

Charlotte Parka

I had been looking for a warmer replacement parka to my North Face that I bought 5 years ago. I spend a lot of time during my day outside and wanted something warm, easy to move in and durable. I purchased the Charlotte Parka but was unsure of the size. When I called Customer Service they told me they would send me two parkas - a Large and XL - I could keep the one that fit and return the other, which I did. I also saved $300 which was great. 5 years ago I did try Canada Goose but could not get a parka to fit me - I found the fit was way too slim. This new parka gives me lots of room in my shoulders which I needed. Living in NW Ontario, we get -35C to -45C sometimes in winter so I wanted to be warm. Although our temperatures are now getting warmer, I look forward to wearing it constantly next winter! Customer services was excellent - by phone and email.
By Jennifer Lee

4 5 months ago

The Perfect Warm Charlotte parka

For last few years i been looking for warm jacket to replace my Canada Goose as it wasnt warm in the arm and it let go too many feather. I am pleased to say that this jacket it a awesome in averyway. I can walk outside truly keep me warm. Thank you Arctic Bay. From Jennifer Lee ,NY USA.
By Megan

5 5 months ago

Megan Chicago USA

I spent a long time looking for a replacement for my Canada Goose which had lasted for more than ten years. I had never heard of Arctic Bay until a colleague had purchased one\Charlotte parka\. I liked the jacket material \made in USA\, big coyote fur and all small leather detailes .This parka made in Canada build quality,stylish and very warm and did not like the ostentatious markings on CG. Arctic Bay price was cheaper \save 200$\ I love the jacket especially in the -37 celsius weather we've had lately...and awesome! Happy to have my Arctic Bay !
By Rebecca

4 5 months ago

In comparison to Canada Goose

I also own a Canada Goose Mystique Parka reaching its 10 year mark soon. In comparison to the CG Mystique, the Belleville Parka is shorter than the Mystique. Both have similar outer shell. The duck down fill based on the description on website for Belleville is 725 compared to the 625 on the CG Mystique. What I like better on the Belleville parka compared to the Mystique are: (1) the two-way side seam zippers at the bottom of the coat, (2) hood drawstring on the hood, (3) wind flap with snap closure, and (4) hanger and dust bag. The two-way side seam is very convenient when sitting down, especially getting into a car. You have more leg room to move around compared to the Mystique, which limits and also constricts movement. The wind flap snap closure is a better idea compared to the Velcro snap closure on the hood on the CG Mystique. I don’t have to worry about constantly making sure it doesn’t open. I am 5’4” so when crouching down to look at something at a store, I don’t have to worry about the bottom of my coat sitting on the floor. Just open the side seam zippers and I am good to go. I also like that the hood has a adjustable hood strap. If not tightened, the hood covers my eyes completely which is great to keep snow and rain out of my face but limits my vision allowing me to only look down when walking. The dust bag is a great addition to the coat as it is lengthy and also expensive, but I got it during the sale so I saved about $200 USD.
By Brittany

4 6 months ago

Well-made, great customer service, but issue with smell?

Ordered the Charlotte parka which turned out to be too big. Contacted customer service. They were really quick to respond and allowed me to exchange for a smaller size. Customer service is friendly. Received my new parka within a week. Both jackets seemed to be well-made. Have not warm them yet, but I'm certain their jackets are warm enough for -30 temperatures. Unfortunately, the new parka I received had an off-putting, musky smell, especially on the hood. I'm not sure if this is normal or if this is a quality control issue? The first one I received definitely did not have that smell.
By Adam

5 6 months ago

Arctic Bay Nunavut parka

Love their product. I am never cold wearing their parkas here in Winnipeg. Arctic Bay makes a beautiful quality product with thoughtful features that many other outerwear manufacturers do not include. Just 2 days for delivery to Winnipeg.. I am happy to stay warm++++++ Thank you for great job and service and Canada made top quality product.