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By Stephen Viner

5 23 hours ago

Blown away!!!

I’m totally blown away by the quality, the fit, the unique usp’s in my winter coat. Thank you for your patience your customer service was excellent. I will definitely recommend you to friends in the UK and would buy again in the future without hesitation! Arctic-Bay you are truly the number 1 Canadian Winter coat manufacturer...
By Barbara

5 14 days ago

Really nice coats

Just received both a men's and a ladies coat ordered only a week or so ago. I am super impressed with them and how quickly they arrived. The fur is so much nicer than anything I have ever seen or felt from the other bigger Canadian coat company. Overall I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase and I hope they expand their options to include more clothing of this quality. The fabrics all feel nice and like they will last a long time but what impresses me more is the stitching. It is perfect! I haven't seen such accurate stitching in a long time. Thank you. Looking forward this staying warm and looking good this winter!
By Miriam G

5 16 days ago

My Bellville parka!

I did a lot of research on winter parkas. I live in Boston where the winters can be brutal and I am moving to Russia for a couple years and needed a VERY warm coat for everyday. My first thought was to get a Canada Goose parka. I know people who have them and say they are great,but ... problem is they are not very stylish,and too many peoples have same patch... I wanted a very warm Canada made coat that would also make somewhat of a fashion statement. This parka definitely does both. The fabric made in USA and huge coyote fur on this coat is far more luxurious than the Canada Goose parkas. The extra origin real beaver fur chin guard is a super nice feature that was not available on any other parka I have found\just Tom Ford\ IIt is awesome on every level.For reference-I ordered this parka in Size M which is perfect. I am 5'9- 143 pounds., size 8 clothing Normal arm and leg length.There is not a ton of room to spare but with the weight of this coat I would NEVER want to wear a big thick sweater. It would be smoldering.I mostly wear cotton long sleeve t shirts or maybe a fleece half zip. I wore this with a t shirt and it was 12 degrees outside. I was plenty warm without the added bulk of a sweater which was great! Thank you for warm coat.
By Michael A. Humphrey

5 17 days ago

Arctic Bay great product! Warn and best quality Antarctica parka.

. The parka itself is magnificent. The woolen shell is something you should offer on all your parkas, the warmth is outstanding, and the beaver fur is a luxurious touch. I would love to keep it for the times I need to spend excessive periods outside in the middle of Fairbanks winters, especially for trips I must make above the Arctic Circle for work. Thanks for making great products. After my 5 young kids outgrow their TNF Greenland parkas, I plan on supplying them with the Arctic Bay Rocky Parka in the future.
By Esther Gushner

5 a month ago

We Love Our New Charlotte Parka

My granddaughter just received her new Charlotte Parka and she is in love. It's so warm and cozy. She can hardly wait for the first snow!! She is a student at the University of Michigan where winters are really cold. I know she will be warm and snug. She opened the package and immediately FaceTimed me. What a beautiful model. The smile on her face said it all. She is so thrilled. She said it was the most fashionable coat she ever had. When she reached into the fluffy deep pockets she screamed with joy as she felt the warm. Every detail was as ddescribed on your website. Bravo. This was her graduation present and it looks like we hit the jackpot! Thank you for getting that new coat to her so promptly. I appreciate your input and your fabulous service. A Happy Bubbe
By Julia

5 a month ago

Charlotte Parka

I love my Charlotte parka! I’ve had it for over 4 years now and it look like new! I get compliments every time I wear it :) I used to hate winters in Canada but figured my way to stay warm and embrace this beautiful season. Love my hikes while wearing my Arctic Bay parka!
By Kris P

5 6 months ago

Alaska parka

Kris P. I have bought an Arctic Bay Labradore parka. Not a huge brand like Canada Goose , but way better in my opinion, very warm and top USA fabric and huge size fur,many small detailes., all this make my parka look great and unique .. I also like that I don’t look like every other guy on the street in Canada Goose. 3 days free shipping to USA,price cheaper compared Canada Goose.
By haloymes haloymes

5 6 months ago

Arctic Bay Montreal Parka

George Pini I live in the cold latitude and used to wear Canada Goose parkas. In essence, they performed their desired function and I considered them to be state-of-the-art in the jacket market. These views lasted until I decided to purchase Arctic Bay Montreal parka. Right away I noticed differences in down filling and distribution along the body of the jacket. Better, lighter, more modern materials are immediately noticeable once you put the jacket on. Concluding, I tend to think that Arctic Bay employs more modern technologies in their manufacturing process, which make Canada Goose feel more like a uniform rather than everyday wear jacket. I completely rethought my perspective on winter jackets and am switching to a great Canadian brand Arctic Bay.
By Peter H.

5 6 months ago

Peter H.

Arctic Bay Toronto parka my choice . Im very pleased with the craftsmanship,fur and materials on the jackets, it is superb. The quality is definitely superior to my Canada Goose Jacket and Nobis jacket. Fast shipping , great service .
By Cathy Fournier

5 6 months ago

Arctic Bay Charlotte Parka

I just received my beautiful purple Charlotte arctic pay parka! I had great customer service they delivered it - actually they delivered two coats so that I can try both fine to make sure that it fits properly. The coat is so warm and cosy and I highly recommend it! I think it’s a lot more more and cosier than Canada goose.