By Laurence Maddison

5 6 months ago

Laurence from the UK.

I've now had two parkas from here and have been very impressed with both. Delivery worked out well on both occasions and the whole experience has been very positive. If you're in the UK you can also take advantage of the exchange rate. First up is the Alaska Parka. This has nice classic styling, a well designed hood and is very warm yet not too heavy. Only thing is, I wanted a parka that can match a Canada Goose Resolute for warmth but in a more stylish package, and although the Alaska is a very nice parka in itself it didn’t quite meet my requirements, for everyday use it's perfect but if you're wanting an extreme parka it's worth upgrading to the Antarctica, for and extra $200 it's a big step up in warmth. So I ordered the Antarctica Parka and have now given the Alaska to my 16 year old nephew, he desperately needed a winter coat after his brand new Canada Goose was stolen, he's really happy with his new parka and wishes he'd known about Arctic Bay sooner. The Antarctica has to be one of the nicest Parka's I've owned, the outer material is thick melton wool like you get on a pea coat giving it a unique look, it also has to be the heaviest parka I've come across, add to that the huge amount of down filling and you've got one of the warmest parkas around. As well as being significantly bigger, heavier and warmer than the Alaska and having the added benefit of the wool outer shell the Antarctica also has nicer details such as metal zips and at least in my case a better quality fur ruff. Initially, I wasn't that impressed with the fur ruff on either Parka I received, but after a good brush and blow dry they came up really well, particularly the one on the Antarctica which is now huge and puffy with good colours. The only thing on the Antarctica I would change is the hood, I would have preferred for it to be down filled rather than fur lined, not a big deal as it still works well and looks good whether up or down, I may look at having it modified in