By Esther Gushner

5 a month ago

We Love Our New Charlotte Parka

My granddaughter just received her new Charlotte Parka and she is in love. It's so warm and cozy. She can hardly wait for the first snow!! She is a student at the University of Michigan where winters are really cold. I know she will be warm and snug. She opened the package and immediately FaceTimed me. What a beautiful model. The smile on her face said it all. She is so thrilled. She said it was the most fashionable coat she ever had. When she reached into the fluffy deep pockets she screamed with joy as she felt the warm. Every detail was as ddescribed on your website. Bravo. This was her graduation present and it looks like we hit the jackpot! Thank you for getting that new coat to her so promptly. I appreciate your input and your fabulous service. A Happy Bubbe