By Rebecca

4 5 months ago

In comparison to Canada Goose

I also own a Canada Goose Mystique Parka reaching its 10 year mark soon. In comparison to the CG Mystique, the Belleville Parka is shorter than the Mystique. Both have similar outer shell. The duck down fill based on the description on website for Belleville is 725 compared to the 625 on the CG Mystique. What I like better on the Belleville parka compared to the Mystique are: (1) the two-way side seam zippers at the bottom of the coat, (2) hood drawstring on the hood, (3) wind flap with snap closure, and (4) hanger and dust bag. The two-way side seam is very convenient when sitting down, especially getting into a car. You have more leg room to move around compared to the Mystique, which limits and also constricts movement. The wind flap snap closure is a better idea compared to the Velcro snap closure on the hood on the CG Mystique. I don’t have to worry about constantly making sure it doesn’t open. I am 5’4” so when crouching down to look at something at a store, I don’t have to worry about the bottom of my coat sitting on the floor. Just open the side seam zippers and I am good to go. I also like that the hood has a adjustable hood strap. If not tightened, the hood covers my eyes completely which is great to keep snow and rain out of my face but limits my vision allowing me to only look down when walking. The dust bag is a great addition to the coat as it is lengthy and also expensive, but I got it during the sale so I saved about $200 USD.