By Chris

5 7 months ago

Chris McDonald and Nancy Rickett January 16, 2020

Artic Bay recommendation: We needed to travel above the Arctic Circle on business this winter and didn’t have suitable clothes to keep us warm. We surveyed websites for clothing suggestions. We found some well- known Canadian brands, but found one Canadian brand less well known on the west coast that seemed to be a bit above the better known brands. We found Artic Bay. We contacted Artic Bay by telephone 1-800-510-8735 and spoke with Daniel, who listened to our travel destination and was able to recommend a parka for each of us to suit our needs. The parkas were mailed to us, arriving two days after our telephone conversation. We had tried on parkas in Vancouver to determine size and fit. Daniel used this information to provide us with the correct sizing for Artic Bay parkas, based on his knowledge of his competitor’s sizing. Our Artic Bay parkas fit perfectly. The service by telephone, email, and delivery worked flawlessly. We highly recommend Artic Bay for the fit, finish and good appearance.