By Nick

5 8 months ago


The Alaska Parka is easily the best coat I've ever owned. There is great attention to detail..leather finishing, metal buckle on the hood strap, metal buttons with logo etc. The fit is great and it's very warm while not being too bulky. Also, the pictures don't do justice to how good the black version looks in person. The shell fabric color and texture is amazing. Along with the leather button loops and leather trimmed pockets, the coat looks very classy. Great for downtown or the country. If you ever have to zip it up all the way you'll be fine in the worst conditions, and the beaver fur is nice so you don't have your face up against cold rough fabric. The aviator hat is great..very comfortable and looks good. There is a lot of fur which makes it look luxurious yet rugged. The shell fabric is the same as the parka, so along with the matching fur, they look sharp together. I saw several hats in person, and there was some variation from hat to hat due to the nature of fur, so you might want to see them instead of just going off pics. All in all, everything is very well made. When you see the product in your hands you can't help but admire the quality, from the parkas to the simple beanie. I saw other many other products in person as well and was impressed by all of it. The full fur hats, cuffs, fur scarf, other parkas, etc. I also like the understated logo..enhances the look while not being too flashy or obvious. Lastly, the arcticbay customer service rep/salesman that I dealt with in Toronto was very kind and helpful. I would recommend people deal with them directly.