By VOTGeric

5 9 months ago

Excellent Parka

In anticipation of another Winter with -40 degree temperatures, I ordered a Montreal Parka. Although the temperatures where I live have not yet dropped low enough to test the parka to it's fullest potential, it's one of the warmest parkas I've ever worn and I have no doubt it'll keep me warm throughout the entire Winter. I'm 5' 8'' (173cm) tall and the medium size fits perfectly. The parka was comfortable enough to wear in my car while driving for a little over an hour. Unlike some other jackets/parks I've worn in the past, the higher temperatures inside my car and indoors did not cause me to sweat or start burning up. I purchased the parka about a week before the 15% sale, so I'm a little annoyed that I missed out on those savings. That being said, the parka was, in my opinion, a good deal before the sale and is an amazing deal with the sale.