By Kim

1 Jan 28, 2019


This whole transaction takes back couple months.. I have many evidences but only four pics could be uploaded, so i cant provide much more for now. I received alaska parka which was dirty and i found invoice papers of previously purchased inside the left jacket pocket. That invoice showed that the jacket was once sold to someone back in 2017 and was returned. So i emailed arctic bay with pictures but they replied saying it was a brand-new jacket, which was a lie. Its very hard to get in contact with them. You guys can see the screen shot of emails i sent them provided below. Everytime i tried calling them.. the same guy picks up the phone, just asks for my order number and tells me that someone will reach me through email and hangs up. He doesnt even give me chance to explain whats going on and just hangs up while i'm talking. After few phone calls, i guess he recongized my number and started to not answer my calls. So i had to call with different phone number just to be connected with him again which was no help.. very rude guy.. If anyone from arctic bay sees this.. please get back to me because im still waiting on my return shipment fees.. RMA#1267

Reply by Arctic Bay Feb 4, 2019
Wrong jacket was shipped by mistake. We accepted return with full refund and reimbursed return shipping fee. We are sorry that the process took a bit longer than expected.