By Victoria

1 13 days ago

Numerous faults of material/construction/design etc

I made the purchase through Arctic Bay website February 2020. The website/order experience on the website was good, I paid 880 CAD. Now that I had a full winter season to test the product, I can say it was not good at all. I had tested it at -15C to - 40C, I wore 2 layers and 4 layers respectively and I was just OK, a little on the cold side for -40C. Who wouldn't be ok with 4 wool layers? The website states this coat has Temperature rating up to -45°C/-49°F, while in reality it's not even near to it. The construction of the hood and collar is very poor. The collar is made of the almost same outer fabric as the outside of the coat, which doesn't provide any warmth to my neck and the hood is not warm inside made out of synthetic fabric and I had to line it with fur just to make it bearable. Hood has a wire, which is awkward and my cheeks are very cold. When it’s windy and the hood is up, the wind blows in between the collar and the hood and my cheeks are freezing! In windy weather the hood blows off. You need 2 hands to open the front zipper because if you try to do it with only one hand, it’s stuck and never goes down; up until the point that I had inside of my hands cut in the zipper trying to open it and I had injured my fingers that it would hurt for a week or so after. A couple of months ago feathers started to come out though the stitches in front of the coat in the chest area. I own a Pajar coat for many years: I had never ever seen a single feather come out of the coat anywhere, you can open it with one hand, the hood stays up all the time I want never mind the strong winds and my head/cheeks/neck had never been cold wearing Pajar during Winnipeg winters. The only reason I was looking for a coat by a different than Pajar coat was because Pajar didn’t make a long coat and I need a long coat now. I hate this coat and I wish I could get rid of it, because now I am stuck with this horrible coat that doesn’t do the job and even causes me minor injuries trying to o