By Jenn White

1 10 months ago

Disappointed in Customer Service

I bought a Belleville coat after months of agonizing between it and a competitor. While I still have several months of winter (I live in a northern community), I have had significant zipper issues - where the zipper begins. When I contacted the company, I was sent a "Zipper Hack" video link and told that the zippers are top quality. When I expressed my disappointment, I was told that I had obviously overdressed and damaged the zipper - not once was it considered that the zipper may be faulty. Now, it is -30C here today, and I may not be able to zip my coat when I leave my office. Not at all acceptable, when I spent $1000 on a coat two months ago!

Reply by Arctic Bay 9 months ago
Hello Jenn, We are sorry, everything is slow nowadays But we have received a replacement YKK zipper and shipped it to you. You should get it shortly. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. AB Support